Water Fed Pad Systems for cleaning persistent dirt from Windows or PV Panels 


Water fed pad systems (doodlebugs) can remove any debris or persistent dirt stuck on glass like: bird dropings, stuck tree pollen, bee glue(propolis), salt and mineral coating, industrial pollution, e.t.c. 

  • Pad systems are now available at two lengths: 24cm with 2 pencil jets and at 48cm with 4 pencil jets 
  • Adjustable goosenck angle is a standard. Other lengths of 30cm, 23cm, or 15cm are also available
  • Excellent quality and robust construction.
  • Standard fast coupling connections for pole hose
  • Equiped with 3M or VIKAN pads
  • No detergents are needed
  • All eurothread water fed poles can be fitted 
  • Innovative and very effective 



 Water fed Pad systems with Rinse Bar for window and PV Panel cleaning.


You can reduce by 40% cleaning time since you clean and rinse at the same time. Rinse bar extend to the entire length of the brush. A high quality valve is applied for adjusting the ratio of water flow between the 4 pencil jets and the rinse bar!


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